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Vanuatu – Chief’s Son Spreads Gospel by APNYI Admin

2008_3_20_Vanuatu___chief__s_son_Keithly_Rena_1.jpgThe Church of the Nazarene in the South Pacific has been working on the South Island of Vanuatu in a place called Aniwa. One of the main chiefs in this area welcomed the Church of the Nazarene and gave permission for a church building to be constructed.

In unfortunate circumstances, the chief passed away after a heart attack last year. However, his twin sons Kiethly and Osten Rena hope to carry on his vision of building a new Nazarene church on this island.

Osten is the presently the Nazarene Youth International president at the Fress Wota Church of the Nazarene. Kiethly is attending classes at the South Pacific Nazarene Theological College (SPNTC) in Fiji. He has a strong desire to become a pastor and fulfill his father’s dream. To do this, he recently went to the Island of Aniwa and began a church. He held his first Sunday service with 10-12 Sunday School kids. His second Sunday greeted eight adults and on the third Sunday, he had six people attended the service with him.

Kiethly started cutting posts for the building and gathering youth to help carry the posts to the village. Soon they will carry all the things needed for the new building to the building site.

Paul, a young SPNTC student and friend of Kiethly’s, will soon be joining him in building this church.

Sunday night, February 24, a Nazarene Missions International sending service was held in Port Vila, Vanuatu. Four pastors and many family members surrounded him as they prayed and entrusted him to the Lord’s care and protection.

A generous offering of $70 (U.S.) was given to Paul to help with his needs and expenses.

On his way to Aniwa, Paul took his first airplane trip ever. Funds for this flight were graciously provided by the Coshocton First Church of the Nazarene in Ohio.

Upon arrival on the island, Paul plans to help Kiethly complete the church building, encourage him, and help pastor the church.

According to the South Pacific and Melanesia newsletter “Shore to Shore,” “The church is located in an area of a very active cargo cult named John Frum. This group is fascinating to study, but very difficult to evangelize. As a group they have almost no understanding about Jesus and the Bible. Many people from this area have never even heard a single Bible story.

“Remember to pray for Paul, Kiethly, and the people of Aniwa. It is beautiful to see the body of Christ working together, each member doing his part in shining the light of Christ on this part of the world. Let’s do ours.”

Forb more information about the ministry in Vanuatu, view missionary David and Sylvia Potter’s web site.
–Vanuatu District Superintendent Peter Isaac and Missionaries to Vanuatu David and Sylvia Potter.

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